Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Miss Bessie Reed: Another EBay Review (long, sorry)

Okay. My sister thinks I am insane and you may as well after you read this post.

I was searching EBay for a deal on essential oils and I ran across an auction for “Annaleic Oil”, ( The listing really didn’t say anything spectacular and the creator didn’t list all of their ingredients BUT there was a before and after picture that showed a slight difference. So I read every listing she had posted & I read all of her feedback and didn’t see anything concerning. I then googled her and the product but couldn’t find anything. I watched the listing for 2 days then decided to e-mail some of her customers to see if I could get any feedback.
Out of the seven people I e-mailed, three responded with good feedback. One young lady “prettyeyes” was particularly detailed and forthcoming. She indicated she has experienced some growth since she began using the product and her hair seemed healthier. I was still terrified. I have heard horror stories about EBay but the “buy it now” price wasn’t bad ($0.00 plus free shipping) so I succumbed. I ordered it on July 7th and received it July 11th.


The directions were sparse and there wasn’t an ingredients list.

BUT the main reason why my sister thinks I am insane:

The oil came in a small glad bowl in a brown paper bag inside an envelope.

She said it looked like contraband. I informed my misguided sister that just because the package isn’t pretty doesn’t mean it won’t work. Right? RIGHT???

The instructions say that it can be used on wet or dry hair and since my husband wasn’t home I decided to do a whole beauty night and cap it off with the oil. After my shampoo and deep conditioner, I towel dried my hair and pried the top off the product. It didn’t smell bad, actually no smell at all. The texture is more like a grease and I could see tiny specks. It looked like grapeseed/ shea butter/jojoba mixture but who knows? So I pretty much parted my hair in the “old school” sections and “greased” my scalp (a total throwback!) and combed it through to the ends with a wide tooth comb. I used Profectiv Strengthening Treatment on my severely split & tattered ends and wrapped up my hair. It says use one or twice a day which will be easy with my “Hide Your Hair challenge”. The listing says “results in 7 days”. Hmm. I took a couple of “before” pics so I will keep you guys updated.

Fingers crossed.


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