Saturday, August 16, 2008

Do I have a regimen?

I guess I am still diddling with/deciding what my regimen is. Right now I am doing the following:

1. Co-washing primarily 2-3 times a week except when I have buildup then I use Aveda to clarify.
2. I deep condition at least once a week. I am now using the Organix Coconut Conditioner. I love it!
3. I am applying the Curlaway every morning as a leave in to my new growth and it seems to be working. My hair is very soft, no shedding.
4. I only use protein treatments 2-3 times a month mostly using Aphogee or a week of Surge Plus 14.
5. I have been wearing my protective styles alternating between ponytails, buns & half-wigs.
Of course, any of this is subject to change in the next five minutes except the protective styles.


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