Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Garnier Fructis Instant Melting Conditioner Moisture Works (Target, $2.99!!!!)

Hey all! I was walking to the ethnic beauty “corner” in target and walked past a plethora of Garnier hair products on sale. I thought “since it’s on sale, it must suck” and “this probably will not work on my hair”.

Boy, was I wrong! Since it was only $2.99 and my money has been looking funny lately and I am almost out of Organix (the love of my life) AND I decided to be more open-minded, I tried it.

I parted my hair and slathered the product onto my new growth and combed it through with my Jibere shower comb and it “melted” my new growth into manageable curls. I coated every strand and plopped on my heating cap and did some homework. Forty-five minutes later I washed it out and my hair was soft & silky.

I definitely was amazed. $2.99! Can you believe it?? I have since used it 3 more times just to be sure. I know everything doesn’t work for everybody but I loved this one!

Verdict: Jump on it immediately!

FYI: This is a part of the moisture works line. There are a couple of different ones, sleek & shine and strength & repair but I haven’t tried those yet.


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