Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Mistress…Ssh! The Mane Clip

Okay on the exact same day I ordered my beloved UPA clip (see earlier post); I also order another clip I ran across. My search led me to a video on YouTube of a black woman with average length hair whipping on a ponytail. I watched the video thinking “it looks so easy”. The “Mane Clip”, sold on and the starting price is a mere $9.99 (this is clip only, no hair attached).

Concept: It’s very similar to the UPA clip except there isn’t any hair sewn to the clip. The clip has these prongs that you attach a pack (or half, if you don’t like thick hair) of hair. You can buy the hair from the website but I didn’t. I just used a cheap pack from the local BSS, since it’s just a ponytail and it’s a test run.

• Much cheaper than the UPA especially since you can use whatever pack of hair you want.
• The UPA clip limits the style of the ponytail to the type of hair you purchase but with the mane clip you can change the hair from straight to curly to wavy. Whatever you like.
• The creator of the mane clip has an instructional video on her website for those of you that are visual learners.
• Since the price is cheaper you can buy more than one color/style of the clip to match your outfit.

• It really is such a shame there is a market for this and that I am so excited about it.
• The UPA clip comes ready made to snap on in a second and it feels more secure to me.
• The concept of both clips are so simple I want to kick myself for of thinking of it myself.

Both clips are great, especially if you hate the cheap, phony looking drawstrings like me. I always, always get a headache when I try to wear a drawstring ponytail. Since no one I personally know is even aware of the existence of either invention, I seem always at the forefront of hair fashion and now you can too.

Check my Fotki,, for pics of my trying out my new clip.


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