Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heating up the kitchen!

I ran across an Eversave Budget Friendly Cookbook. There are eight recipes (I haven't tried any yet). Every good cook knows you can tweak them if necessary.

Here's the download:

C:\Documents and Settings\nrivers\Desktop\8-budget-friendly-cookbook-091608.pdf

Speaking of recipes, I have to share something. I ran across a recipe the other day on a Campbell's can of "Cream of Shrimp" soup. I turned it into a sort of "Creole shrimp stew".
My husband loves Cajun food.

1 can of Campbell's Cream of Shrimp Soup
1 can of milk
1 bag of medium size shrimp (71-90 count), I used the frozen kind
Green Onions
1 cup of white rice, I used the frozen steam bag (5 minutes, perfectly done! I LUV it!)
Spinach leaves (the recipe called for celery but we don't like it)
Creole Seasoning
Black pepper

I cooked the soup first and set it to the side. I steamed (microwaved) the bag of rice and set that to the side while I cooked the shrimp (until pink) in olive oil, seasoning and a bit of butter. I added the green onions & spinach leaves to the shrimp and let them simmer for a while and I added the white rice to the soup. I then mixed it all together in a bigger pan and top it with the Creole seasoning for spiciness. VIOLA! Yumminess! I think this took 15 minutes tops.
I did this all while wearing the dress and heels I wore to work and served my husband. :-)

By the way, I got a hellafied "thank you" that night!

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