Friday, February 20, 2009

How expensive were my cheap shoes?

Generally, I tend to lean towards purchasing items for quality and not so much quantity. I am definitely running out of closet space and I am really amazed by the amount of laundry I have every week. I ran across a website (I think I saw it on, I ADORE her by the way) and I became totally enamored with SEVERAL pairs of shoes. I succumbed and placed an order. I received my box on Saturday and I have waited a couple of days to write this review.
I bought these: $29.90
And these: $19.99

The yellow shoes are extremely dangerous!
Now, I am no shoe novice and completely live by the “beauty is pain” theory but this is ridiculous. I wore the yellow beauties to church ( I live in Florida by the way) with a yellow NY & Co. cardigan and black skirt from Layers (here’s the skirt: LUST!).
I received sooo many compliments but the tears that glistened in my eyes at church was not because I felt the “spirit”. I did not take the shoes off at all during church as much as I wanted to and as my husband suggested. My 96-year old granny that always wore a pillbox hat & white gloves to church would have turned over in her grave if I had. I REALLY want these babies to work. What can I say, I am in love!

I went today and bought a shoe stretcher ($16.99 but I have been meaning to buy one), gel insoles ($8.99), & shoe pads (4.00 SALE). I have had the augmented shoes on for several hours while washing dishes, doing homework, & walking to the mailbox (I looked ridiculous, by the way). My feet feel fine. FINALLY. Were the shoes really a good deal? Me thinks not!

I haven’t tried the black ones yet. J


Anonymous said...

Wow, I really like your style, and how you like fashion so much, but how about the plus size clothing sites? Lol, I guess they don't have either of those.

But I love the websites you listed I appreciate that.

NicNac Beauty said...

Thanks sooo much for the love. I am stalking your blog now... :-)

I am usually borderline needing plus size clothing myself although I have been extremely good lately. I will do some research and have a post just for you in a couple of days!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha, ha. I just love when black women are doing something creative and are really trying to show insights and help other fellow women.

I was looking through your page and I was like hmmmn. I see you doing your thing. I went on the websites, because I was stalking your blog too! And I found out that all the websites weren't really pertaining to plus size but I will be waiting!

Thanks so much!

NicNac Beauty said...


Check today's post and Lane Bryant has a $6.99 sale today

Catch up on your reading.....

Alexis Phifer! My Fashion Crush!