Monday, February 16, 2009

Mr. NicNac, Navy Hero

I am writing this post early because I don't think I will be able to later. My husband, Mr. NicNac, is in the Navy (whom I have a love/hate relationship with) and he is deploying on Saturday for six months. We have been together for almost four years but we have been married less than one year. We have never been apart more than a month (and even then I flew to visit him twice).
My heart is absolutely breaking because I really don't know what to do without him. He's my friend, we hang out, and the LOVE of my life. It will be hard, I know. I will miss him dearly.
I took off work this week so we can hang out all week. We golfed today at the PGA Laterra, we slept until 11:00am (unheard of), we went to Universal in Orlando and acted like absolute idiots. I could devote an entire post to the Bob Marley Club in citywalk. Tomorow we are going to take a ride (he has a sportbike) to Fernandina Beach, have brunch, and just hold hands. We are completely honeymooning and I have never been happier. I am going to post this now so I can read this in a week after he is gone and I am a mess!

I know, too much information....sorry!

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