Tuesday, December 29, 2009

LaLicious Lovelies!

I received a couple of products to review in my Styleforfree box and I just had to tell you about my newfound love for LaLicious products!

“LaLicious is a high-end bath and body product collection that was created to moisturize and smooth your skin to perfection! Our famous scrubs, butters, oils and soaps are available in eight scrumptious scents including our famous, best-selling Brown Sugar & Vanilla line. We use the most natural ingredients available including soothing and conditioning oils such as almond oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E oil and all LaLicious products are proud to be free of paraben preservatives and also sulfate detergents. “

LaLicious Whipped Body Soap in Tahitian Flower

LaLicious says: This Whipped Body Soap contains Coconut Oil and Safflower Seed Oil so that the skin will stay soft after cleansing, not tight.Sulfate free! No bubbly lather means this soap will cleanse your skin without drying it out!

NicNac says: This body wash is absolutely lovely. I am in love! It is like a little vacation to Hawaii! Extremely moisturizing but no soapy, icky film buildup. It lathers well and smells heavenly! A little goes a long way so this will last you a while. Sign up for their newsletter at http://www.lalicious.com/ and get 15% off your first order!
This is definitely on my 2010 “lemmings list”!

LaLicious Body Oil in Lily Mango

LaLicious says: This all-natural body oil is made with coconut oil which absorbs quickly and easily into your skin, leaving it moisturized and protected without feeling greasy. Macadamia nut oil is a luxurious oil known to also moisturize and protect the skin. Almond and vitamin-e oils condition, moisturize, and smooth you to perfection!

NicNac says: I loved this as well! I prefer the Tahitian Flower scent but the Lily Mango is light & lovely as well. It is an oil but it’s not oily. I know that sounds funny but it literally sank into my skin quickly leaving me with super moisturized skin. I used it fresh out of the shower while my skin was still wet and I didn’t need any lotion after. By the way, I have “Sahara Desert” dry skin so this is huge for me.
I would totally buy this but in the Tahitian Flower scent!

RATING: “Run and Buy”

Disclaimer: I received these products from StyleforFree.com to review but I was not compensated in any way for a positive or negative review.

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