Sunday, July 13, 2008

Is there a way to block EBay?

Hi, my name is NicNac and I have an addiction.

In the last 2 weeks I have gone pretty EBay crazy. Instead of stalking the Ulta & Sephora ladies, I decided to take pity on my lovely little coach wallet and started buying sample sizes of products I want to try from EBay for the following reasons:

1. I do not get paid for this. I have an actual job & actual bills.
2. My bathroom/closets/counters are over run with products.
3. BECAUSE! (as my 13 year old daughter would say)

Truthfully, I am extremely embarrassed to divulge that I actually, accidently bought a couple of duplicates last week. Sheesh!

So where to find a plethora of reasonably priced samples?
EBay, of course! I found samples of Wei East & Elemis products I have been lusting after and I picked up some all natural Indian powders & oils I have been curious about (see earlier post). I even bought this hair growth oil I ran across.

Why? BECAUSE. I don’t know (sheepishly).

I will be reviewing each thing I purchased very shortly. Primarily because the seller feedback page on EBay doesn’t allow much room for people to say whether they actually liked the product. Yes, I am aware the page is for “seller” feedback. I need to know what my imaginary cyber girlfriends think before I take the plunge. I've actually started pestering the brave souls that have purchased before me to see if the product was any good. Sorry. Not!


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