Friday, July 11, 2008

Hair Envy...uh oh!

"My eyes are green, cause I eats a lot of vegetables....."

So I saw a former co-worker of mine today in TarJe (Target) and was AMAZED! Her hair has grown at least 4-6 inches since I last saw her in March. Of course, my nosyitis took over (it’s a disease).
She gave me the following tidbits of wisdom:

Since her Indian roommate’s hair wasn’t completely unlike our (we are both 4b) texture she decided to try Henna & Amla powders. Since she wears weaves, like moi at times, she decided only to relax the very crown of her head and the only parts visible. Therefore, none of the creamy crack (relaxer, yall!) has to touch the back of her head. Brilliant!!!

She sprays CHI Silk Infusion mist on her scalp and braids every night under the sew-in. The infusion mist is keratin which is the protein our hair has and needs to grow strong.

So, being the PJ that I am, I immediately scooted over to the hair section and picked up the CHI mist ($13.00, Target). I will keep you posted on the Indian products. I need to do some research!!!


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