Friday, July 11, 2008

Secret Agent Girl!!!!

I have a secret.......

Okay, this may be a little gross but since I am all about sharing this year...
I have unsightly dark marks and blemishes underneath my chin.

Beauticontrol Secret Agent Coverup-Dark (I have a local representative)
I like the coverage it gives, it's very smooth ( I use a concealer brush) and it lasts a long time but beware of wearing high neck shirts. It kind of rubs off a bit on clothes and I hate that so I got a bright idea to use the following as well.

Ada Cosmetics Mineral Makeup (

I apply with a concealer brush a mixer of coffee, cappuccino, & chestnut mineral powder on each spot after I use the beauticontrol. I apply the translucent powder as a finisher afterwards.

Voila! I can keep my secret, a secret, for at least a day longer…..

P.S. By the way, I am still using the Ada samples after 3 months. They are pretty generous with the baggies! They are a little difficult to use in the bag so I went to a craft store and bought little containers to make my life easier! Smiles!

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