Saturday, July 5, 2008

Let's get it started! Dominican Hair Products...

After lurking for six months on the Black hair forum, I decided to try out a Dominican Salon here in Jacksonville. The Dominican salons, mostly, recieved rave reviews on all of the hair boards so I figured it would just be "magic".

Okay. The Dominican salon. Maybe my expectations were too high or not! I was not pleased with the service (waiting FOREVER, the staff speaking the ENTIRE time in spanish, being told by hair was to short to work "right", etc.). I did call first to make sure the salon worked with african-american hair and short hair.

To make a long story short, my hair was UGGGGLY but they used a wonderful product "Baba de Caracol Hair Loss Treatment (16oz) ". Although my head was killing me for three days after my hair was so soft and there was no shedding. So, like the beauty researcher I am, I ran across a wonderful site, "" for $13.99. I applied it like a relaxer at the scalp and coating the ends once a week for a month. I LOVE it!!!!

I swear my hair feels stronger and I see less of it in the sink. I also bought several other things that I will be reviewing later.

Ta Ta Ladies!

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I can relate to your Domincan salon experience. I tried Chisam on Blanding Blvd., and she has the worst customer service of any salon that I have ever had the disatisfaction of trying. But there is hope, try Reginas on Caravan. I think that she may change your mind. She is not perfect, but she does excellent work. Good luck.

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