Friday, August 15, 2008

Miss Bessie Update

This post is not meant to offend, insult, or upset anyone. I used the entire bowl of the “Miss Bessie” concoction (see earlier post) and I did not experience ANYTHING. No growth but no negative experiences either. It ended up being very greasy & oily. It seemed to be a couple of essential oils mixed with petroleum but I could be wrong.

Verdict: Pass, absolutely.


Hinsley Ford said...

Thank you. I have been looking for a review. I appreciate you posting your experience. Do you know of anything better? thanks so much, Hinsley Ford

NicNac Beauty said...

I have been scouring the BHM ( and LHCF ( boards and everyone is set on fire about Megatek Cell Rebuilder (
/Mega_Tek_Cell_Rebuilder/content_68431810180). Afer 4 days of researching pros & cons I ordered a bottle. I will try it and post my results. The thing that has worked the best for me so far is Surge Plus 14 (but I think it stopped working), moisturizing my ends and wearing protective styles.

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