Saturday, April 11, 2009

NicNac Updates

Hey Chicas!

I'm sorry for the lack of updates. It started out innocently! I swear! I was super depressed about my husband being deployed then I had a death n the family and went to Chicago for a while. After I came back I recieved a super duper promotion (get it girl!) but I am still in school full-time. Soooooo, my life is hella busy right now. I won't be posting anything for a while on here. But I am on Twitter now. I just figured out how to use it and I will post any deals I find on there. You can find me @nicnacbeauty!

To answer emails from the sweet cheek readers:

1. I do not work for any clothing or makeup company. I work for a hospital locally. Nothing fashion related. Very boring but not and it pays the bills well.
2. Everything I review, I paid for myself.
3. I am still on my hair growth kick and have had some amazing results. I will have to post about that when I come back.

P.S. I use megatek maybe once per month. It works but I am too busy to spend that much time on my hair the way I used to.


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