Sunday, July 13, 2008


I was going to schedule this post for next week but I couldn't wait!


Did I mention that I LOVE IT?

My girlfriends and I decided to have a “Hide Your Hair Challenge” for the month of July and maybe August if all goes well (more on that later). In an effort to keep my hair “funky fresh”, I decided to purchase a couple of half-wigs, ponytails, etc.
In my searching (all over the ENTIRE internet) I came across a blog, Brown Sista, I think. She reviewed a product called the UPA Clip,
In a nutshell, it’s a thick hairclip with the hair already attached to it.
No glue, no sewing, no tape, etc. The clip fits snugly whether or not you are rapunzel.
Soooo, I rip up the box and try it out!
I pretty much slathered my “product” I am using right now and then used my essential oils concoction on my ends and put my ponytail in an itty, bitty bun. I bought the 8-inch wavy human hair ponytail because it was on sale (less than $20.00) and I didn’t want to spend a ton of money in case I didn’t like it.
I do….. LOVE IT!
I just snapped the ponytail on over my itty, bitty. The clip was snug, not too tight where it would break off your hair but I didn’t worry about it falling off the entire day.
I was so cute, shaking my ponytail around. It looks sooo natural and no worries about blending.

With this product, this challenge will be a breeze! I am doing before & after growth pictures that I MAY post! Maybe.
P.S. That is me in the pics!



Anonymous said...

That is just too cute. I love it. It looks like your natural hair. I just check the website and they have a yaki remy 10" on sale for just $39.99. I had to order the one like yours and the Remy. I can't wait to get it. This is amazing how natural it looks. I am so excited. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I would have never found this on my own.

NicNac Beauty said...

I am actually going to make a photo gallery in my fotki this week of different styles with the UPA & Mane Clip.

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