Thursday, August 7, 2008

Update: Ayurvedic Products (EBay Purchase from Seller, RummageSale69)

Hesh Shikakai Powder & Dabur Vatka Oil ($12.69 total price for both)

Description/Use: Hesh Shikakai Powder acts as a natural astringent for hair, enhancing its binding properties. It clears dandruff and cleans the dirt accumulated on the scalp. Being a natural conditioner for hair, SHIKAKAI strengthens hair roots and promotes luxuriant growth. Hesh Shikakai powder has certain vital properties that act as coolants for the scalp. This powder has to be mixed with water and used as a paste on the hair instead of shampoo.

Rumors: Same as above but add manageability & growth

My Usage: I use it a little differently. I mix the Shikakai with Amla powder, coconut , vatka oil with distilled water and I make a paste. I apply it like a relaxer on Saturday mornings for a couple of hours while I clean the house or tackle my homework.

Verdict: It definitely softens my hair especially new growth and the Amla deepens my hair to a shiny black color I love. I will continue to use every weekend. Two snaps AND a circle!

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