Monday, December 7, 2009

SkinAgain Pigment Correct

Back in November, I ran across a blog for a company called SkinAgain,

SkinAgain was established in 2003 in Carlsbad, CA. We are a founder and leader in the production of skin care products that are infused with the Energies of healing elements. We believe that all living things thrive on Energy and movement, including a simple skin cell. Life and health are sustained through movement; a natural flow of absorption, elimination and balance. SkinAgain researches ways of harnessing Energy and subtle Energy with the sole purpose of applying them to skin care products. We develop products that slow down the aging process because they jump-start the Energy of skin cells. Skin cells are then motivated to do their job: move nutrients in, move waste out and maintain pH balance.
SkinAgain refuses to use chemicals, dyes, fragrances or any other irritant in their custom formulas. We implement eco-friendly standards and prints only on PCR (post consumer recycled) packaging.

The developer of one of their new products, Pigment Correct, ($32.00), blogged it's effectiveness for women of color in reducing hyperpigmentation and dark marks. They awarded a free full size jar of Pigment Correct to the first 20 responses and luckily I was one of them!

I used Skinagain's pigment correct twice a day for thirty days. The consistency of the formula is a little bit thinner than a regular cream but thicker than a serum. It spread very easily and only a bit is need for the entire face.
After washing and/or exfoliating my face, I rinse well but always leave my face a little damp before applying the cream. I do this to help the products absorb better and because it helps to not use so much product. The product absorbs pretty face and I let dry completely before applying any other products.

NicNac says:
I can definitely see a difference in the clarity of my skin. The right side of my face has a medium sized patch of hyperpigmentation from a "chemical peel gone wrong" that has lightened up dramatically. I also had some smaller blemishes from my monthly acnes attacks that have all almost disappeared. I have incredibly oily, sometimes acne prone skin and this did not cause any excessive oilness or break me out at all.

Rating: I definitely give this product a "run and buy"!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review but I did recieve the product for free as explained above.

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